Semalt Speaks On How To Properly Monetize Your Website With Links: Risks And Ways To Avoid Them

We often hear that link building is becoming more and more useless. However, as long as there is SEO in general and the link ranking factor in particular, we still have a lot to discover about it. How to sell links and how much you can earn with them: this is what our content today will be based on. 

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To start today's article, let's first check if the link ranking factor still makes sense.

Is the link ranking factor still alive?

Link sales revenue is older than the first iPhone. But if previous optimizers were more concerned with the number of backlinks, today their quality is unconditionally emphasized. From now on, for a thoughtless purchase and setting of external links, you can quickly fall under the sanctions of search engines. This is the main reason for the annual panic about "Does link promotion work?".

However, if you make your link building properly, the threat of being banned is minimal or negligible.

According to Sape 2021 SEO and Link Building Market Research, 90% of the experts surveyed believe that the likelihood of being hit by filters is low. 

Indeed, the essence of link promotion remains the same: buying links from donor sites in order to increase the authority and popularity of the site always has a positive effect on the ranking. Therefore, selling backlinks is still one of the main ways to monetize a website. Yes, it is not as popular as it was 5-7 years ago, but the success of this revenue source depends on the prudence of buyers and sellers.

Is it profitable to make money on links?

The aforementioned Sape 2021 study showed that more than 90% of respondents - opinion leaders, private professionals, agency representatives and internal teams - create links and buy links. Among the specialists, there is not a single one who does not use backlinks. This proves once again that the external linking environment is no less valuable than technical or mobile optimization.

Let's take a look at what links are in demand and how much you can earn by selling them.

1. Temporary links

Rental links are placed on the resource for a certain period of time to quickly manipulate the link mass. As a rule, the payment for these temporary links is fixed for one month and is debited every day. One of the valuable varieties of these temporary links is contextual links, as they are relevant to the content and integrate organically with it.

The price of links varies depending on several factors. In the case of temporary links, earnings depend on the number of pages on the resource and the number of links to them (there are some risks associated with this, but we'll talk about those below).

2. Perpetual links

Perpetual links are published on the resource (usually in texts) and remain there as long as the page exists. As a result, the payment for these backlinks is much higher than for rentals, but it is done only once.

Thus, the cost of perpetual links is much higher than that of temporary links. Moreover, on the related platforms, you can find their gradations by format and, therefore, by price. Often, such platforms allude to 4 types of perpetual links:
On average, it is possible to earn rental links from a reasonable amount. As a publisher, you can set the price yourself.

Risks of earning money on links and how to avoid them

The biggest danger of link manipulation is to be filtered by a search engine. After that, the site will collapse in all respects, which means that the links on it will become useless from an SEO point of view. 

Sites created exclusively for advertising and link trading, which do not provide the public with useful information, fall under sanctions quickly. 

How to make money by selling links, while avoiding familiarity with search engine filters? 

Selling links to make money is a simple process. However, if you don't know the exact methodology to follow, it will be difficult to succeed. Just follow these guidelines:

Best way to monetize your website

The biggest concern of all website owners is to find the best way to make money with their website. Indeed, having a website is not an end in itself. You have to think about promoting your website in order to make it known and take advantage of this advantage to use it for other useful purposes.

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Let's summarize

To generate income by selling links and at the same time be friends with the search engines, follow these guidelines:
And don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you have a resource developed with a quality, targeted and constantly growing audience, don't refuse to monetize it - sell contextual advertising, teaser or banner (how to make this business profitable - come in, we'll tell you).

What is your opinion on today's topic? Feel free to share it with us in the comments. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us directly.